• Broke back mountain

  • Photo Op

  • Bag man at work

  • Dead man and a hoe

  • Derp

  • 2 dead friendlies

  • Look at that view!

  • Ren killing his PC

  • BBQ time

  • Two seconds before server goes down

  • Broke back mountain 2

  • Zombie/Deer marathon

  • Alex fishing

  • Run Forrest Run!

  • Nigerian princes

  • Deer? What deer?

  • Giants!

  • Flare volleyball

  • Overwatch, enjoying the view

  • ho ho ho now i have a machine gun

  • Giving birth

  • Splat!

  • House on fire

  • At least I had chicken

  • Waiting to get shot

  • Always keep a note to inform others


The Leroy challenge was born when all members gathered on teamspeak and were bored with the normal gameplay.

The idea of the challenge is to wreak havoc with as much as an underpowered loadout as possible

Previous challenges: